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I created this blog to post about my musical projects. I write/produce/sing my own music, but I won't post any of my songs until I can protect them... So for now the blog will focus on the remixes I do. I do bootlegs, but also real remix producing new music. So Just enjoy the music,, and keep sharing your love for it.


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Saturday, November 25, 2006
Melanie C - Next Best Superstar Remixes Demo + Video

Hey, I know it's been a long time since I last posted. It's just that I don't have much time to do remixes, so since I finished the whole DC Remix project I wanted to take some time before doing more.

This time I'm doing a little EP with 4 different remixes of the same song, Next Best Superstar by Melanie C with different styles.
It's not yet finished but I still got something for ya. Here are clips of the remixes, I might do some changes to the tracks before posting them in full :

Next Best Superstar Remix EP [Demo Pack]
01 - Saith's ElectroRock Remix
It's sounds quite rockish but it goes away from the live sound of the album version (sounds more produced)
02- Saith's Tipsy Remix
A urban version of the song, sounds quite different, quite cute actually
03 - Saith's Alternate Guitar Remix
This one's also pop/rockish but sounds quite different from the firt one
04 - Saith's Pop-Dance Remix
It's a fun pop/dance remix. Some might find it shitty, some might love it. I actually have both feelings at the same time lol.

Download Links : Megaupload Link  Sendspace Link

And second gift, here is the video for the main remix of the EP. I will make a better quality version as soon as I can :

The full Ep is coming Next week hopefully so be patient. And don't hesitate to post commments.

Posted at 12:04 am by Saith

Friday, June 30, 2006
::Exclusive:: This Is The Remix [2006 Version]

20 Hiphop Remixes from the world's bigguest R&B group.

All their hits revisited : Survivor, Independent Women, Say My Name, Loose My Breath, Soldier, No No No...and many more.

Produced by The Neptunes, Darkchild, Timbaland, Rockwilder, Wyclef Jean, will.i.am, Scoth Storch, Trackmasters, Kardinal Beats, Full Crew,...

Tracklist :

01. Survivor (Saith '06 Remix)
02. Bootylicious (Rockwilder Remix Featuring Missy Elliott)
03. Emotion (The Neptunes Remix)
04. I Know (Remix Featuring Will.i.am)
05. Lose My Breath (The Neptunes Remix Featuring Clipse)
06. Say My Name (Timbaland Remix)
07. Bills, Bills, Bills (Trackmasters Remix Featuring Jazz & Sporty Thievz)
08. Bug A Boo (Refugee Camp Remix Featuring Wyclef Jean)
09. Dot (The E-Poppi Remix)
10. No, No, No Part 2 (Funky Dred Remix Featuring Wyclef Jean)
11. Independent Women Part 1 (Deepsound Remix Edit)
12. Nasty Girl (Saith 2 Step Remix)
13. Cater 2 U (Storch Remix Edit)
14. Soldier (Kardinal Beats Remix Featuring TI & Lil' Wayne)
15. Girl (Kardinal Beats Remix)
16. Through With Love (Saith Urban Remix)
17. With Me Part 3 (Full Crew Radio Version)
18. Sexy Daddy (Darkchild 6 A.M. Remix)
19. Stand Up For Love (Saith's Music Box Remix)

20. Jumpin' Jumpin' (Nitro Remix Featuring Mr Nitro)

Download Links :

Yousendit Link : Full Album 

or Megaupload Link : Full Album

or Rapidshare Links : Part 1  Part 2

So here it is finally. Tracks 1, 12, 16, 19 produced by me (Saith).
Track 18 is made by me using an unreleased beat by Rodney Jerkins Alias Darkchild.

IMPORTANT : If u like it share it (on your blog, your site, or some forum u like), let people know this album. But please put a link to here and keep the .rar file as it is. Feel free to leave comments on the tagboard.

Posted at 08:16 am by Saith

Monday, June 26, 2006
:: Exclusive :: Beyonce - Déja Vu (Alternate Version & Acapella)

Yeh I know it's been a long time since I've last posted. I've been quite busy with the exams and all that. Here is a little something that you might like. A different version of  Beyonce's lastest single Deja Vu. I've made it, it's not a remix, just an alternate version, but it's still cool. It will do for now, since there's no remix of it out there yet, and since I'm taking so much time making the This Is The Remix album that, by the way, I promiss will be here very soon (should be next week). I also made the acapella for those who want to give a try at remixing the track.

Enought Talking, Here they are :
Beyonce feat.Jay Z - Déja Vu (Saith's Alternate Version)
Beyonce feat.Jay Z - Déja Vu (Acapella)

Here are Both files on a rar archive on rapidshare for those who can't download on Megaupload.

IMPORTANT : If you post some of my remixes and media on your blog, your site or even a forum, please credit me and put a link to this blog. Making these take me time and I'de like to be credited for my work, and promotion is always appreciable. Thank you

Posted at 11:25 am by Saith

Saturday, May 27, 2006
SUFL Remix Instrumental + Mirror

Since someone asked for the instrumental version of my remix, I decided to upload it. I also reuploaded the remix to yousendit 'cause some people can't download on yousendit. So here they are :

Stand Up For Love (Saith R&B Remix)

Stand Up For Love (Saith R&B Remix)(Instrumental)

Posted at 10:18 am by Saith

Monday, May 15, 2006
Full remix of Stand Up For Love

I've finally finished the remix to Stand Up For Love. I said I wouldn't upload any of my full remixes until the whole This Is The Remix album is ready, but since I'm making another remix of SUFL that I like more I'm giving you this one as a gift while I'm still working on the album. Here is the Link :

Destiny's Child - Stand Up For Love (Saith R&B Remix)

The other remix I talked about is more simple and has a more intimate feel, with a music box type of sound (that feets to the subject of the song : kids). I know some will probably prefer the one I just posted to the one I kept for the album (cause it's more commercial), but I will still put the music box one.

Enjoy, and please give me honest comments.

Posted at 10:54 pm by Saith

Thursday, May 11, 2006
:: Exclusive :: Stand Up For Love (Acapella) + Midi

I made an acapella version of SUFL by Destiny's Child unsing the instrumental (inverted). It still have some parasites but you won't hear it when the song will be remixed.
I also have a midi file of the full song, wich is quite rare (u can only find the chorus on google). It might be usefull for those who want to remix the song ;)

So here they are :
Stand Up For Love (Acapella)
Stand Up For Love Midi

Posted at 09:36 pm by Saith

Sunday, May 07, 2006
Stand Up For Love (Saith R&b Mix)

Here is a clip of a remix in the making.
Destiny's Child - Stand Up For Love (Saith R&b Mix)

I need a full midi file of the original song to finish it, cause the melodies are very rich, and I won't program it myself, it would take to much time. If I can finish it, I'll put it on This Is The Remix 2006

Enjoy, and please give feedback

Posted at 05:06 pm by Saith

Thursday, April 20, 2006
Welcome to my blog + Survivor '06 Remix
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I will be posting some remixes I've done every now and then. At the moment I'm working on the Destiny's Child Remix Project so as long as it's in the making my post will be mostly (or totally lol about that particular project).
But you may wonder what is this about. Well I'm doing a new version of This Is The Remix (the remix album of DC), because the official version sucked to be honest, and there's been new songs since then. So it's like an updated and better version of that album (with only hiphop/r&b remixes).
I'm going to put some exclusives remixes that I've made on there. Don't worry, they're not just bootlegs and I've been told by the people who heared that that it's Off Da Hook, so I guess they're good enough to be on the compilation with the official remixes. The album should have remixes of 20 different songs of the girls.
You might wanna hear what I have in store for you, so for you to make your own idea of what's to come I'm gonna post some clips of the new remixes I've done, until the full album is ready. I'm not gonna post the full tracks before the album, I don't wanna spoil the fun ;)

So here is the first snippet :
Destiny's Child - Survivor (Saith '06 Remix)

Posted at 09:54 am by Saith